Sabina & RobertEverything started in 2001 when we took care of Fia, with her 10 days old kitten, Dennis. Fia had had a bad growth with mismanagement, so the neighbour had taken care of her, but couldn't let her stay. So she & Dennis moved in with us.

Us, who live with the cats is I (Sabina) and my boyfriend Robert, who also has an interest for the cats. I work in a sport store with purchase and a lot more, while Robert is an assembler at a company who makes paper-machines. When we not are working, we spend a lot of time with the cats, renovate our house, which we moved into a year ago and gradually the cats will have a out yard to be in.

After a while we felt that Dennis needed a cat friend to play with, because Fia wasn't in for playing with her son. This time we wanted a pure breed cat and our choice where Norwegian Forest Cat. We looked and looked and finally we found her. In june 2005 S*Sjöliden's Queen Diana moved in with us. And in june 2006 next cat arrived, S*Sjöliden's Princess Fortuna, which is going to live with us as a host cat. But we weren't satisfied with one kitten in the house so we decided to buy S*Sjöliden's King Geb. We couldn't just resist him.
In relation to when we bought Diana, we where talking about cat show and I thought that I can always try once and see what it's like. It was fun! Now I'm stuck to it and there is one another show. Sabina & Diana

The spring 2006 I decided to apply for cattery name and the question where what to name it?? The choice fell on Djupdalen, because there is a place between Forshaga and Karlstad with that name, and we live on a street called Djupdalsbrinken, so that would suit us well. The 30:th of march 2006, S*Djupdalen's was registered in FIFe. The one who has helped me and supported med through it all is Jennie Blomgren / S*Sjöliden's.What would I do without her!!

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