S*Sjöliden's Princess Fortuna
SC S*Sjöliden's Princess Fortuna, NFO ns 09 22

Born: 2006-03-03
Sire: IC S*Sjöliden's Prince Cupido, NFO as 22
Dam: EC S*Aristo Limaz Giovanna Rozz, NFO n 03 22
Mother to litter: D
Breeder: Jennie Blomgren
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HCM-normal: 071122
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Fortuna is a big promising female, with very good lenght at her body & good lenght of her head too, a good bone structure on heigh legs. The ears are broad at base and rather big in size and nice in shape. Super coat quality with very long guardhairs!
Fortuna is a very kind cat and unscared. She quite talkative and purrs like an engine when you cuddle with her. She's an exciting cat!
S*Djupdalen's Bathilda Bagshot

S*Djupdalen's Bathilda Bagshot, NFO f 22

Born: 2008-01-06
Sire: S*Klimpen's Benzo, NFO n 09
Dam: S*Sjöliden's Queen Diana, NFO fs 22
Mother to litter: none yet
Breeder: Sabina Engström
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