S*Sjöliden's Queen Diana S*Sjöliden's Queen Diana, NFO fs 22

Born: 2005-03-10
Sire: PR & EC S*Kattfarfar's Alf, NFO a
Dam: IC S*Sjöliden's Princess Bellona, NFO f 22
Mother to litter: A B C
Breeder: Jennie Blomgren
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HCM-normal: 071122
GSD IV free

Diana is a female with strong bone structure, medium lenght of her body and a good height of the legs. A very bushy tail, that fits the body. Super coat quality. She has a good triangel of her head, straight profile, strong chin, good size and form of her ears which are placed very nice in the triangle.
She is very kind, social & talkative cat. She's always the first who comes to the door when you come home. A more brave cat than her have I never met. It's not much that scares her! She loves to be outside in her leash and go for long walks. Diana has a little characteristic and that's it that she goes round and carrying things, especially her "snuggle pet".
S*Sjöliden's King Geb S*Sjöliden's King Geb, NFO n 09

Born: 2006-03-25
Sire: CH Jean J.Rousseau am Baerenbach*CH, NFO n 03
Dam: EC IDP*Axzon's Gabbie, NFO g 22
Dad to litter : none yet
Breeder: Jennie Blomgren
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HCM-normal: 070816
GSD IV free

Geb is a promising male, with a good size. He has a strong bone structure and good height on his legs.
He has a really nice head, with a straight profile, good forehead, ok chin, good side lines. The ears are fine in form, size and placement.
His coat is super quality and the tail fits the body.
Geb is a bit "chicken", but amazingly kind and cosy and he is super curios of everything! He is a reaaly promising guy!

Dennis Dennis, HLH d 03

Born: 2001-08-31
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Fia, HLH d 03

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Dennis is a "rowdy", social & kind cat. He is very curious but at the same time a little coward. He loves to play with feather dusters and he can go on and on, while another get lacked of after a while. It's very warm and cosy in the bed he thinks, especially in my hollows of the knees, where he likes to sleep at night.
Fia Fia, HLH d 03

Born: 1999-06-xx
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

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Fia is a cat that is unbelievable kind and social, wants to cuddle almost all the time. Taking what she's been through into consideration before she came to us, makes her even more loveful. She's not that afraid of people anymore, as she were in the beginning when we got her, nowadays she's with us when we have guests. The characteristic that we notice the most with Fia is that she always wants to lay in the couch with us when we are watching TV.

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